Sparkly, cold and naked animals take over the silver screen this weekend at Parkwood 17... and there's also a dancing penguin movie. The Midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn brought droves of Twi-Hards to Parkwood early this morning. This means the theatre may be less busy for tonight's shows and there will probably be fewer weirdos wearing pale make-up and glitter. Probably. Still, the best bet for a seat at either film is buying online here.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (PG-13)

After Edward and Bella's wedding, Bella finally gets her wish to become a vampire, because her body's too weak to survive her unexpected pregnancy.  But the birth is seen as a threat by both the Volturi and the werewolves. Robert Pattinson spent six months building up his six pack abs for his sex scene . . . and Kristen Stewart must have really enjoyed it.  That scene had to be reshot to eliminate her INTENSE THRUSTING, which was a little much for the PG-13 guidelines. In the book, Edward and Bella's first time includes a broken headboard, some bruising, and feathers flying everywhere after they bite and rip pillows open.

Happy Feet Two (PG)

Elijah Wood returns as the tap dancing penguin Mumbles.  But the sequel is about his son, who runs away because he doesn't know how to dance.  The rest of the voices include Robin WilliamsHank AzariaPinkBrad PittSofia Vergara, and Common