This weekend at the MTV Europe Awards Katy Perry won for Best Live Act.  But it wasn't any performance by Katy that got the web buzzing, it was her tight fitting dress.

As you can see Katy's belly looks a little plump, causing lots of bloggers to start the baby bump watch for Katy Perry. Her and husband Russell Brand have been married since October of 2010.

As I looked at several pictures of Katy at the MTV Europe Awards, not all of them looked like her belly was expanding for a baby. Maybe she took her spanks off and forgot to suck it in. Maybe she over-indulged on snacks and it's a food baby.

Check out the photo gallery below and see for yourself. I feel bad for the pressure women in Hollywood have to endure. Always having to look their best, and the second they may or may not have gained some weight the baby rumors start! Give the woman a break! Pregnant or not, Katy Perry is sill looking fabulous, even with the pink hair!


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