Over Easter weekend, my sister and I took her two dogs and our dog, Neena for a walk. We were out in the country , on a back road that people rarely drive down, so the dogs were free to run in the fields and explore every tree and bush along the way. When we got back to the house, we found out Neena had burs all over her fur. And she was not happy about it.

We were able to get several of them off her fur, and decided we would make an appointment with the groomer when we got back home. Then, I happened to mention it to Pete on Monday morning. Fortunately, he had the solution: Pam!

We sprayed a little butter flavored Pam on each of the remaining burs, and sure enough, out they came. After doing a little research, I found that shortening will work as well. In fact, I found several very helpful home remedy's for dogs on this site. Feel free to pass it along!