The Holiday shopping has started, there's no timeline as to when you have to start because it's never too early.

What do I get ?, what would they like?, what works? etc...decisions, decisions.

Gift cards, the hottest toys, clothes money a lot of ideas can boggle the mind. The average hot item can run you close to $75.00 on up. The Wii U won't be available until November 18th and they will go fast, so you might want to get in line now, however; some items can be pre-ordered.

Hopefully this will at least help you get ahead of the game and maybe help you beat the rush. The word "Busy" will be heard amongst many a conversation in reference to retail stores. Save yourself the headache and go ahead jump into the shopping pool now.

Plan ahead and do a little research to get an idea of the hot holiday trends and get in the know on peak holiday traffic. I'm usually one of those last minute shoppers, shame on me.