Two months before his 4th birthday, Colton Burpo was rushed to the emergency room with a burst appendix.  When he awoke, he had an amazing story to tell;  That of being dead and going to heaven;  meeting his great Grandfather, John The Baptist, Samson, and even Jesus.  His Father Todd Burpo, an Evangelical Preacher, turned his son's experiences into a 163 page book, "Heaven Is For Real," which has now been turned into a movie.





We discussed the "Near Death Experience" on my WJON 1240 AM program , "It Matters...With Kelly Cordes."   Click on the PLAY button below to Listen:



Below is an actual television interview with Colton and his parents on Colton's experiences as well as the reason Mr. Burpo wrote the book, which ended up being a New York Times best seller.


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There are many other people that have written books about their experiences that we discussed on the program as well.  Take a listen and decide for yourself.  The Movie, "Heaven Is For Real' is coming to theatres on Easter of 2014.