This Sunday night, NBC, the network that gave us 'HEROES', seeks to re-invent The Dark Knight's success on the small screen- with one problem: NBC decided NOT to shell out the ching to DC/Warner Brothers for Batman. Instead they've tapped two veteran producers/writers Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun.

Both are ousted network execs with pretty good track records;

Braun is best known for coming up with the idea for 'The Soprano's' with David Chase. He was also the guy that greenlit the pilot episode for 'LOST' when he was Chairman at ABC. Berman was the FOX TV network Exec that was responsible for the cancellation of 'Family Guy'. To her credit, though, she brought us '24', 'House' and 'American Idol'.

They formed a production company (BermanBraun) a few years ago and have an agreement with NBC that gives the Peacock network a 'first-look' at everything they come up with. Most of their success has come from so-called 'Docudramas' on MTV, Discovery and History channels.

So now NBC has decided to snag 'The Cape'. It's the usual regular guy turns hero after tragedy story. For Batman fans, this series will bear too many similarities and probably just get you mad. In fact, word from the geek-ridden comic-book underground blogs has already destroyed this series chances with what would seem to be it's core audience. Others say that the series is so close to the Batman legend, that DC/Warner is readying their swarm of super-lawyers for a major smack-down.

As a superhero geek myself, I'll give it a chance, but I'm already going in with a 'Geez, it's a Batman rip-off' attitude'. Real-Life Superhero TV shows, no matter how well done they are (HEROES), generally have a very SHORT shelf life on network TV. The only exception I can come up with is 'Smallville' but that's on the CW, and that's really NOT a network.

I guess I'm just disappointed that with all the money the networks have to throw around, why they won't pay for a Batman series that is done as well as the films by Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton. The Batman: The Animated Series that was on in the 90's was spectacular, gripping and compelling. If they can do it in cartoon, why not real?

At any rate, I'll probably hate it, but you should give it a chance. It may cheez off us comic geeks, but it might be the perfect formula for the other 90% of Americans. Check out the preview below, watch the show on KARE 11 at 8pm Sunday night and then do me a favor;  Register to be a MIX Insider and drop in Sunday night after the show to post your thoughts below. I'd love to hear what you think about it.


Officer Vince Faraday (David Lyons) was a great cop that was attempting to keep the city streets clean from criminals. This ended when he was framed for murder and left in the street to die. He went into hiding himself and now, he is taking the law in a different angle. Based on the design of his son's comic book hero, Vince's alter-ego "The Cape" is created. Vince wants to be able to reunite with his family, but with every step closer, it seems that there is more crime to take care of.
CAST: James Frain as Peter Fleming, Jennifer Ferrin as Dana Faraday, Ryan Wynott as Trip, Summer Glau, as Orwell, Keith David as Max Malini