The production company behind "American Idol" and "X Factor", has announced plans to bring back the classic game show "Name That Tune".

For now, that's all the details that have been announced!  No network is attached yet; so it's unclear if it's headed to one of the major networks, cable or syndication. "Name That Tune" premiered as a radio show in 1952.  Its TV run began in 1953, and it ran up through 1959 on NBC and CBS.  There was another short-lived version in 1970. MTV and CBS have both attempted to bring back "Name That Tune" in the past decade, but neither of them got off the ground.

I play my own version of NTT in the car daily! I hear a song and I blurt out the Title and Artist. It helps that I hear the songs daily, but I still find it fun. It's great for road trips with friends too! See who can guess the song the fastest is the winner!

What Game Show Would You Bring Back? "Press Your Luck" and "Supermarket Sweep", two shows I would love to see back on T.V. No Whammies, No Whammies!!

To refresh your mind on NNT, check out this woman winning $1,000!

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