So many people have asked me how to get qualified for Dream Getaway 17--So, I've decided to let you all in on a few tips and tricks.

1. Sign up for the online dream getaway. Your name won't get called out on the air unless you're signed up online because we're calling out names from the online pool. Sign up right now if you haven't!

2. Have a network of people who are listening to the radio at times when you're unable to and can give you a quick text if they hear your name. We've all got busy schedules that take us away from the radio, so having others who are looking out for you is vital! Maybe get twelve people together who are each in charge of one hour a day?!

3. Set your phone alarm to alert you a few minutes before eight after the top of the hour. Don't just rely on other people to listen for you.

4. Have your phone on you at all times. When we call your name on the radio, you have 30 minutes on the clock to call us back. It'll be really hard for you to get qualified if you don't see your friend's text alerts because your phone is in your purse or at your desk when you're out at lunch or in a meeting.

5. Make sure to watch our daily YouTube videos where we qualify someone once each day!

That's it! It's that simple...or complicated haha! Good luck in getting qualified, because we're drawing the winner this Friday!