I was on Google yesterday, and started typing in a search item. I typed in one letter and my search history started suggesting topics. I realized that my Google account probably knows me better than most people do, just based on my search items. I went through each letter of the alphabet to see what I search about the most. It looks like I'm obsessed with celebrity gossip and restaurants. I was actually surprised to find that there weren't as many Web MD questions on this list as I thought there'd be. Regardless, this list is kind of embarrassing. If someone stole my phone they'd think I was a 15-year-old Justin Bieber fan with a food addiction. lol

A-Albertville Nike Outlet
B-Beach Body containers
C-Culvers Maple Grove
D-Doomtree songs
F-Father's Day 2016
G-Garden Wok
H-How old is Jamie Lynn Spears
I-"It's All Coming Back To Me Now" lyrics
J-Justin Bieber sued
K-Kohl's hours
L-Life expectancy of a min pin
M-My eye is twitching, is that normal?
N- (no searches)
O-Outdoor patio restaurant near me
P-PF Changs Edina
R-Real Estate
S-St. Cloud Fireworks 2016
T-Tom Hiddleston
U-US Bank
V-Vitamins that aren't good for you
W-Wedding decorator in St. Cloud
X-Xcel Energy outages
Y-(no searches)
Z-(no searches)

What does your Google search history say about you??