If you're anything like me, you'll do anything to avoid getting sick. I'm a little more manic about germs than most. But, I don't know anyone who actually likes being sick. I've managed to avoid puking for nearly 16 years. Since it seems like the flu has become so widespread in Minnesota, I thought I'd share some of my tips with you.

1. Hide your tissue box. I'm always prepared for the cold and flu season. I typically keep a tissue box at my desk. However, I've got many co-workers who don't also keep tissues at their desk. My desk has been the go-to tissue hub whenever someone gets sick. My best advice for you is to stop attracting all of their sick germs to your desk and hide your tissue box.

2. Keep hand sanitizier on-hand at all times. I've got hand sanitizer sitting at my desk, in the studio and I've even got hand sanitizer dangling from my key chain. This may seem a little manic, but it works. Whenever I touch something that I deem "suspect" I lather my hands in a little hand sanitizer and I let it work its magic. I like my co-workers but not enough to want to share their germs.

3. Don't share pens. I've witnessed co-workers chew on pens, put them in their mouths, etc. Plus, who knows where their hands have been. The germs from their hands are transferring to the pens--and from the pens to your hands. Buy yourself a pack of pens and don't share them. Your sick time will thank you!

4. Avoid opening doors with your hands. This is something that no one really thinks about. But, how often do you have to open and close doors at work all day? Especially if it's the door to the main building you work in. Everyone has been touching that door. I usually try to avoid using my hands to touch the door. If you've got the type of door you can push open at work, I usually us my body to open the door. If you can't avoid touching it with your hands to open it, try using your shirt as a barrier. This is a lifesaver.

5. Avoid eating food from co-workers in the break room. There are really two reasons for this. 1. I don't know their germ situation at their house--who has been sick, who at home was exposed to being sick, etc. So, I just don't want to take any chances. And 2. Food attracts people from all over our building. I don't want to be eating chips from the bag that everyone has had their hands in. No, thanks!

Do you have any weird little things that you do to avoid germ sharing at the office?