I'm 35 days away from my wedding and today is the day when I go in for my last dress fitting. It's been a really stressful process because when I bought the dress initially, it was just a little too big-that was back in April.

I knew I'd be able to get it taken in a little bit, but I've been losing weight like crazy thanks to my new found good eating habits. Now, the dress is way too big on me. It has been a lot of work for my seamstress who is also running for Mayor of Holdingford--she's been a very busy lady and definitely has her work cut out for her.

I've got a lot of bead work on the top part of my dress, so that's also made the alterations a little difficult. I was worried I was going to have to find another dress! Luckily, I think we'll be able to avoid that...wish me luck! I might have to go on the fast food diet for awhile. I can't wait for you to see my dress!