This is Joel Fischer. We've been friends since we were three years old. That's a long time. But I still vividly remember every May Day when I brought him a basket. And when his mom made him bring one to me........

Our families were neighbors and friends. We lived just down the road from each other. Every May Day, I put together a basket full of candy and my mom drove me to my friends homes to deliver them. I would put the basket on the doorstep and ring the bell, and when my friends would get their basket, they would chase me to give me a kiss. Everyone except Joel. There was no chasing. No kiss. However, the tables were turned when Joel came to my house. Well, at least there was chasing.

You might notice in this picture that Joel is a runner. I am going to take full credit for getting him on his way to where he is in this picture today. Because when his mom, Charlotte, made him drop off a May Day basket at my house, he ran like the wind. I never did catch him. But thankfully, we're still friends to this day. In fact, he married one of loveliest people I've known, Lindy. We've been to their home and spent time catching up over a couple of beers in our little hometown. Hopefully we will do it again very soon.

Thanks for the great memories, Joel!