I've known Erica Larson since she was a baby. She was beautiful then, and she's beautiful now. Inside and out. And I often find myself chuckling at or giving some thought to some of her Facebook posts. Clever, thoughtful, inspiring. But there was a recent post that moved me so much, I wanted to share it with others.

Erica is from Glyndon, same hometown as me. She went on to attend St. Olaf College and Luther Seminary. We aren't related, however, my sister-in-law's sister, is Erica's mom. And her parents sang at my wedding. And her brother bought (and immediately crashed into the bushes) my mini bike after I was too old to ride it. You see where I'm going here. Small town, good memories. And I'm glad that Facebook connected us again. Erica has good things to share. And her post from April 14th is the best:

"I've been thinking a lot today about how much of my life I have spent trying to be "less than" I am. Starting back when I was in high school, people have been telling me that I am too much......I am too loud, too opinionated, too much of a know-it-all, too heavy, too religious, too emotional, too much of everything. So, I have wasted countless hours and emotions and energy trying to be smaller, to lose weight, to be more quiet, to keep my opinions to myself, to stop crying so much, to ignore my own health and heart and well-being because I'm trying to make everybody else feel comfortable. It has left me feeling like I am too much, and not enough all at the same time. Well, I just happen to be exuberant, opinionated, passionate, emotional, curvy, spiritual, faith-filled, and yes, sometimes even loud! I work very hard to be kind, to listen, to care for others, to forgive, to reconcile relationships.....and I'm done trying to be less than I am. This is me. Take it or leave it."

Please share this with anyone who might benefit from it. And never allow yourself to be "less than" you are. Thanks, Erica!