I was able to sit in the front row and watch my partner-in-crime perform last Friday (2/26) night with Justin Ploof and The Throwbacks. For those that don't know, Kelly was a recording artist in Nashville in the late 90s and released her debut solo album back in 1999 (which you can still purchase on iTunes and stream on Spotify). She put down the performing mic in early 2000 (she lost her voice) and picked back up the radio mic in 2005.

Late last last year after some pushing and prodding, she started to book gigs again, both as a solo artist and a duo. Kelly recently partnered with our dear friend Justin Ploof on his Christmas show at Pioneer Place in December, and was invited to join him once again over the weekend for 'Pops Greatest Duos.' Kelly belongs on the stage. She's at home on the stage.

Who says you can't go home? Kelly's been proving that wrong time and time again.