Most people make reference to the nightmare before Christmas, but mine was the nightmare AFTER Christmas.

Yesterday the roads were pretty nasty in the Long Prairie area so I decided to head back to St. Cloud early. I was on Hwy 27 headed toward Little Falls when my brand new tire blew out by 12 Mile Tavern. I am talking torn to absolute shreds. I wasn't about to be stranded on the highway so I limped it into Little Falls and pulled into the Casey's gas station. After a good cry and a panicked phone call to my dad, I got in contact with Heartland Tire in Little Falls. The manager, Tom Aderman, came to my rescue! He helped me get a spare on my car and back to the shop where he replaced my blown out tire and fixed my problematic windshield wiper. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes! I can't say enough good things about the great crew at Heartland Tire in Little Falls. They were my Christmas Miracle! If you ever end up with car trouble in the Little Falls area, which I hope you don't, hit up Heartland first!