A lot of nasty things have been said about Crystal Harris now Crystal Hefner over the years.  After chatting with her this morning, I can see it comes from people who have never taken the time to chat with her or look deeper into her background. She's not only a beautiful women but has the brains to back it up.  The former Playboy Playmate of the Month attended San Diego State University majoring in psychology and started modeling professionally around that time.  Crystal works with a lot of local and national charities donating a generous amount of her time to some very worthy causes.

She's part of Aids Walk LA this weekend.

We joked about Hugh getting her a cup of coffee.

We talked about the biggest misconceptions about both Hugh and Crystal.

Crystal even extended an invite to the Playboy Mansion.

Follow Crystal on Twitter or visit her official website.  P.S. she's got a brand new single available on iTunes called "Call the Cops" and will celebrate her one year wedding anniversary with Hef December 31st.