I use to love Mr. Peabody as a kid. It was one of my all time favorite cartoons.  In fact, I've never admitted this to anyone outside my family, but I was a bed wetter when I was younger and my parents use to actually call me Mr. Peabody (P.S. mom that wasn't funny).  You could watch Mr. Peabody and Sherman's adventures during The Rocky and BullWinkle Show. Like all classic cartoons, Hollywood resurrects them and puts them on the big screen.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman hits theaters today (3/7).  The Dreamworks animated movie is about a talking dog who invents a time machine, and then goes back to ancient Egypt after his adopted human son changes history.  The movie stars Modern Family's Ty Burrell and The Neighbors Max Charles. Its rated PG  with a run time of 1hr and 30 min. Click Here for local show times .