Rated: R – For language, violence, and disturbing images.

Starring: Richard Roxburgh, Rhys Wakefield, Ioan Gruffudd

Sanctum is the story of cave divers in Papua New Guinea.  While exploring a new cave system, a tropical storm traps the team and forces them deeper into the cave. They have no choice but to look for a new way out. Team leader Frank (Roxburgh) has to figure out how to keep everyone alive, including his son Josh (Wakefield) and financier Carl (Gruffudd), as they run out of food, oxygen, and time.

The executive producer on this film is James Cameron and his influence is felt throughout the film. The film was shot with his 3D technology, which means it looks good.  For me this movie was a visual delight.  There were times when I actually felt that claustrophobic feeling of being under water and had to remind myself to breathe. While the storyline was ok, it was the cinematography that literally took my breath away.

Grade: B

Trivia: This film was inspired by the true story of Andrew Wright who also co-wrote the screenplay.