You've probably heard us talking about the petition that was circulating over the last few weeks. It was designed to stop Nickelback from playing during the half-time of America's biggest football tradtition: The Thanksgiving Lions' game.

We sympathize, we even signed the petition. There are plenty of good acts from Detroit that could have been asked; Kid Rock, Bob Seger and Eminem. The Motor City has it's very own rich musical history, being the hometown of legendary record label Motown. So why on earth would the NFL geniuses decide on Nickelback? THEY ARE CANADIEN!

Chad Kroeger and crew took it all in stride, they even poked fun at the situation in a profanity-laden video on

Well, they ended up playing to massive boos (which the TV guys anticipated and quickly ditched the crowd mics during the performance.).

But in the wake of the 'controversy', a gem has emerged.  NYC-based keyboardist Scott Bradlee got his peeps together for a fitting rework that might just keep Rock City's faithful quiet. Or not. Remember these are the people who burn their town to the ground when they win any sort of sports championship.