That smarmy thieving letch The Fugitive called to taunt us again, office pet peeves, your bank is going to start hosing you again and are self-check-outs going away?

The Mix 94.9 $5000 Fugitive is apparently a big fan of poetry. They called us again this morning with a rhyming hint as to where we might find them. I just wonder if this weasel stays up all night thinking of this crap? Click here for the call.

Happens more often than you think and according to a new survey by LinkedIn, food stealing is America's number one office pet peeve. Complaining coworkers, people who don't pick up after themselves, meetings and poor follow through skills rounded out the top five. What do your coworkers do that drive you bonkers?

If you use a Bank of America debit card, be prepared to pay $5 a month. That's right. If you use your debit card for anything else other than taking money out of your account, Bank of America will take an extra $5 out of your account. Other banks like Wells Fargo and Chase are also testing the $5 per month fees and are prepared to roll them out by the end of the year.


We also heard this morning that the self-check-out lanes at stores like Target and Cashwise might become a thing of the past. They were supposed to save us time and stores money, but apparently they've done neither. Pete loves them, Jim and I hate them. We sent one of sales people over to use one with an audio recorder and here's what happened: