The inventor of Doritos has died. What will he be buried with? Good versus evil: What do we really use Facebook for? Speaking of evil, The Fugitive called us again this morning.

Our five grand is still missing and this morning The Mix 94.9 $5000 Fugitive called to taunt us again. This time they got creative and wrote us a little poem. Listen to the call HERE.

Arch West, the inventor of Doritos has passed away at the age of 97 and he will be buried on Saturday. His last will and testament stated that prior to his burial, Doritos will be sprinkled in his grave on top of his urn. No word on if the eulogy will end with "ashes to ashes. Orange dust to orange dust."

Social media may be a huge time waster, but according to media giant Nielsen, not all of our Facebook pursuits are fruitless. The survey found the most popular thing to do on social media is stalk. Of course, that wasn't the real answer on the survey. It was "find and maintain" old friendships, but that's just fancy talk for stalking. Number two on the list was complaining and giving negative feedback to companies who mess up. Other uses included: Finding new friends, business contacts, couponing, gaming and keeping up with celebrities. That's not all we use Facebook for. Not sure how they found burglars to take the survey, but whatever. Apparently, 78 percent of burglars said they use social media to find houses to rob. We also found out that Zuckerberg and friends have been tracking us 'accidentally'.

With this ammo - The MIX Silly Song Singers took action: