Real Product or Not, have you started planning your Halloween costume yet and recess for adults?  Plus, more on the Dr. Phil interview with Casey Anthony's parents.

Your Real Product or Not stuff: The Basketcase Game, Fireplace DVD and Apple iFan. (Scroll down for the correct answers.)

I've noticed that no matter how far the economy falls, America is not going to let it wreck our Halloween fun. A new survey shows that two out of three adults are planning on dressing up for Halloween and they also plan to spend an average of $52 on their costume as most prefer to buy one instead of making their own. They also plan on spending $32 on their child's costume, but here's the best part: The survey respondents say that they are also planning on spending an average of $59 on a costume for their pet. That's $7 more than they plan on spending on their own costume and $25 more than they'll spend on their kid. Are you planning on dressing up? Have you even thought about what you'll dress up as for Halloween?

If your boss let you go outside and run around for ten minutes every day, would you? If you said yes, you're not alone. An outdoor footwear company called KEEN took a poll and more than half of American full time workers say that an outdoor ten minute recess would make them a better and more productive worker. Despite the 53 percent who said they would approve a recess, only 44 percent said they would actually go run around like a fool if the option was offered.

Part two of the Dr. Phil interview with Cindy and George Anthony aired yesterday and it was really gut wrenching to watch. It was revealed that George had once contemplated suicide, he said he was also pretty certain that Casey drugged Caylee so she could go out and party and that he believes that Casey had something to do with her daughter's disappearance, while her mother Cindy seemed to make excuses for Casey and cover up for her mistakes. You can watch more HERE.

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