Was Ashton Kutcher inappropriate? The last person who should be winning a lottery jackpot won a lottery jackpot and why Monday sucks. 

Yesterday was the 10th Anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks and the Twitterverse was all about remembering those we lost and Ashton Kutcher (who is all over Twitter all the time) is being accused of being "inappropriate". He said, "This [is] without a doubt the greatest day of the year! Hello football my old friend. Let's us mingle for the next 5 months." Obviously, he wasn't using his brain and thinking that it was also September 11. Some of his Twitter followers pointed it out and he quickly apologized. Do you think it was inappropriate?

Robert McCarthy is the President of Marriott Hotels. He makes over $3 million dollars a year with his salary, stock options and other perks. Robert's son Brian is 25 and lives with his parents. He works as an account manager with Pepsi. Pepsi and Marriott have a very lucrative deal in place for Pepsi to be the main supplier for the hotel chain, so Brian isn't really the kind of guy who needs a break in life with a cushy job and space at his parents' palatial estate, but Brian got one anyway. Brian just won a $107 MILLION DOLLAR LOTTERY JACKPOT! He bought the Mega Millions ticket at a grocery store in Herndon, Virginia. Brian took the lump sum cash payout and will be getting a nice big fat check for $68.4 million dollars. Of course, being 25 and not needing the money, he has already bought a brand new BMW M3, took a trip to go play golf in Ireland, traveled to Alaska and he has also quit his job at Pepsi. No word on if he has moved out of Mommy and Daddy's. My guess? He'll be broke within a year and be begging for his job back.

As if the above story doesn't depress you enough, Mondays suck. It's true. Most people don't crack a smile on Monday until 11:16am. Half of us were late for work today because we struggled to get out of bed following a crazy weekend. We are going to whine and moan all day long and only do about three and a half hours of real, actual work. Researchers say that the best way to get over Monday is to eat chocolate. Done. That's why the MIX 94.9 Singers have created The Monday Sucks Song: