The Gourmet Guess, how do you fall asleep and what's new on DVD? 

Your Gourmet Guess clue for today: This was discovered in prehistoric times and is technically a grain, though it is used in cooking as a vegetable or a starch. (Scroll down for the correct answer.)


Have you ever been lying in bed trying to go to sleep and with every tick of the clock you get more and more mad? Ever tried counting sheep? Alphabetizing the states? You're not alone, but there's a new study that says fewer and fewer people are counting sheep to get to sleep. Turns out, the new trend is listening to nature sounds is more relaxing than counting sheep. Most people listen to birds or rainforest noises. The British Sleep Society says that a semi-repetitive noise like wind or ocean waves work because they distract you from the fact that you're tossing and turning thinking about that big presentation tomorrow. How many sheep have you counted at once before falling asleep? My record is 986.


New on DVD today:

Your Highness - This is a medieval comedy starring James Franco and Natalie Portman among others. There are two brothers on a quest to rescue a girl from an evil wizard. Our Movie Maven Ileana calls this one a RENT.

Paul - Seth Rogan stars as an alien that escapes from Area 51 and asks for help to get back to his mothership. Ileana says this one is definitely a BUY.

Jumping the Broom - This is a comedy about two families who both try and cling to tradition. Culture clash ensues. It stars Angela Bassett and Julie Bowen. Ileana says this one is a RENT.

Mars Needs Moms - This one is an animated tale that stars Seth Green as a boy who stows away on a spaceship to rescue his Mom after she's kidnapped by aliens. This one is also a RENT. Ileana says this movie is great for kids.

Ileana's C.L.I.P. of the Week this week is Super starring Rainn Wilson who tries to win his wife (played by Liv Tyler) back from a drug dealer by becoming a caped crime fighter. Ellen Page plays the sidekick and Liv Tyler is his wife.


Your Gourmet Guess answer for today: Corn. It is the most widely grown crop in the U.S. and about 80% of the corn grown here is used to make biofuel. If you’re a Mix Insider, you can now log in to your Mix Insider Rewards Account and enter the Morning Mix Word That Wins CORN and score yourself 25 hundred points that you can use to reward yourself with cash, jewelery, gift cards and more. Not a Mix Insider? Click here to subscribe. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s FREE