Dead or Canadian, parents blame their kids for crummy vacations and an anonymous donation leaves someone $80 thousand dollars richer. 

Your Dead or Canadian subjects for today: Singer Sebastian Bach, Uncle Frank Potenza and TV guru Sherwood Schwartz. (Scroll down for the correct answer.)

If you don't have kids, pack your bags and do your traveling now, because once you have children, you're looking at two decades of Disneyworld and Spaghetti-O's. A new survey done by travel website Skyscanner, only three percent of parents say they have taken the vacation they wanted to have with their children. The 97% say that their kids have ruined their trips. Most parents say they don't travel with their kids because it's too expensive, the flights are too long, their children don't want to go to a tropical location and their kids are picky eaters. A crazy two percent of parents say that they actually let their kids pick where they go. Most kids select a water park. For parents who don't want a staph infection, they say that's their least desired vacation spot. Have your kids ever wrecked a family trip? Do you plan your vacations around your kids or do you just pack up the car and tell them they're going to like it?

This guy just punched his ticket to heaven. He'll probably have a nice room with a butler and a great view, too. Last week, someone dropped a lottery ticket into the collection plate at church. It wasn't an accident. It was an $80 thousand dollar winner! The financial director at the church took the ticket to the Georgia State Lottery Office and claimed the prize. She says that people have put winning lottery tickets in the collection plate before, but this is the biggest one ever and she adds it came at a good time. A few weeks ago, someone broke into the church and stole some copper wiring and it knocked out the air conditioning. With this donation they can now get the A/C fixed.

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