Real Product or Not, Facebook finally gets it, and When Animals Attack. 

Your Real Product or Not Stuff for today: The Butt/Face Soap and Towel set, black bar glasses and fork chops.  (Scroll down for the correct answer.)

Facebook is finally listening to their users who have been asking for this for four years (read: married people and drunks) and are rolling out a new security feature that people have been screaming for and is apparently much easier to use. Facebook is now allowing users to change their profile settings so that other users can't tag you in photos without permission. After you're tagged, you will be able to review the tags and approve or deny them. No one has said when exactly this will happen, but it will be available soon.  They're also rolling out a new sharing agreement, so when you're out where you're not supposed to be, your friends can't tag you and get you into trouble.

Cats are so funny and some are very lovey dovey. The others are usually plotting their human's demise and apparently one tabby in England was having a grand old time living on the roof of a house, but soon figured out it couldn't get down and started crying for help, so five teams and 20 people showed up to help the cat down and after everyone arrived with tuna, string, jingly balls and fuzzy mice, Kitty jumped down on her own accord. It ran off as soon as it reached the ground.

Your Real Product or Not answers for today: The Butt/Face Soap and Towel set, black bar glasses and fork chops are all real. You can now log in to your Mix Insider Rewards Account and enter in the Morning Mix Word That Wins BUTT and score 25 hundred points that you can use to reward yourself with cool stuff like cash, gift cards and gaming consoles. Not a Mix Insider yet? Click here to subscribe.