How to win Monopoly, why one group of coworkers didn't care they lost their jobs and eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive. Super healthy foods that are also super cheap. 

I'm terrible at Monopoly and I always lose so I never play it, but I discovered a couple of secrets to win and it doesn't involve cheating. Take advantage of people getting out of jail. The best property to buy is Illinois Avenue. It's one of the red ones by Free Parking. B&O Railroad is the next best one to own. If you're looking to build houses and hotels, buy the orange properties. Those are New York Avenue, Tennessee Avenue and St. James Place. Boardwalk and Park Place do have the highest rent, but those fall after the "Go To Jail" square, thus making it less likely other players will land on it. So, the next time someone asks you to play Monopoly, bookmark this page and say YES. Good luck!!

Last Wednesday, a company in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada called SMART Technologies laid off about 200 employees. The next day, ten of those people won $7 million dollars in the Canadian Lottery. They were part of a group of 18 who all chipped in. The other eight also get to share in the jackpot, but they're in line to be laid off in November. Each winner gets about $400 thousand bucks!

I'm trying to eat more healthy foods these days, but I noticed that it costs a little more, but the nice people over at came up with a list of super healthy foods that don't cost a lot of money. Yay! Kale has vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, calcium and a whole lot of other good stuff, but the best part about it is that it only costs about 60 cents per serving! Low-fat milk is also packed with calcium and Vitamin D and costs the same as whole, 1% and 2%. Mangoes taste yummy and has 80% of the Vitamin C you need for the day. One mango is about 50 cents. Dried cranberries are one of my favorite sweet snacks and one cup costs about 50 cents. You just have to watch how many you eat as they have a higher sugar content. Sweet potatoes do wonders for your skin and cost about 43 cents per serving. One hard boiled egg has about 70 calories and costs just 20 cents. Pinto beans are loaded with fiber, protein and B Vitamins and cost 13 cents per cup. Black tea is good for your skin and have antioxidants that prevent cell damage for about 5 cents per cup!