What's new at Parkwood 18? Who is our Secret Celebrity and what do women nag men about that women also secretly dislike? 

The Help - Starring Emma Stone, Cicily Tyson, Octavia Spencer, Allison Janney and Bryce Dallas Howard. This is about a woman (played by Stone) who tells the stories of the black women who keep house and raise children for rich white families in Mississippi in the 1960's.

30 Minutes or Less - Starring Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari. Jesse plays a pizza delivery guy who gets kidnapped and forced to rob a bank. He enlists the help of his best friend played by Ansari. Hilarity ensues.

Glee 3D - Starring the TV cast. It's a documentary of sorts and follows the gang out on the road.

Final Destination 5 - Starring no one you've ever heard of. The premise of the movie is that death doesn't like to be cheated, but can be cheated if you're willing to kill someone else.

You're riding in the car. Your husband is at the wheel. You're lost and you know you're lost. You ask him to stop and ask for directions. He refuses and insists that he knows where he is and where you're going, but he doesn't. His pride just won't let him ask for directions. Sound familiar? A new study says that women don't like asking for directions, either. Turns out that both men and women would prefer to get their directions from the nice British lady on their GPS. Wanna read more? Go HERE.

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