What's new at Parkwood 18? What do you do 34 times a day for no particular reason other than it's just habit and is this the most expensive car accident ever? 

New at Parkwood 18 this weekend:

Cowboys & Aliens - Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig team up to fight aliens in the old west. Daniel Craig wakes up in the desert with no memory of what happened and a powerful weapon that is the only thing that works against the invaders. Olivia Wilde also stars.

Crazy Stupid Love - This all star cast includes Steve Carell who plays a guy that got dumped by his cheating wife. Ryan Gosling plays the guy giving him dating advice. Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Kevin Bacon and Marissa Tomei also star.

The Smurfs - Hank Azaria plays Smurf villian Gargamel in this part live action part CG flick. Gargamel chases six of the little blue creatures into real life. Neil Patrick Harris plays the kindly stranger who takes them in. The voices of the Smurfs include Katy Perry and George Lopez.


Ever caught yourself whipping your phone out of your purse or pocket and looking at the screen even though you know what day it is, what time it is and it didn't vibrate or ring? You're not alone. Everybody does this. According to a new study by the journal Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, the average person glances at their phone 34 times per day for no apparent reason. When you do look at it, it's for an average of 30 seconds and most of the checks happen in bursts that include several times within ten minutes. The science behind it explains that our "reward centers" in our brain like it when we get a text, call or Facebook message, so when we see that we have a new message, we do a little happy dance inside. Once our brains get used to that happy feeling, we want to have that over and over again. So, in short, we are ADDICTED to our phones. I don't think we needed a scientific study to tell us that.


I'm pretty sure this is the most expensive car accident ever in the history of car accidents. It happened in Monte Carlo, Monaco yesterday. A woman was driving her $403,000 Bentley Azure when she lost control of the car. After that happened, she scraped the side of a $121,000 Mercedes Benz S Class, bounced off a $231,000 Ferrari F430. She then plowed into a $242,000 Aston Martin Rapide and came to a stop when she nailed a $129,000 Porsche 911. The total value of all of the cars in the accident, by the way was just over $1.1 million dollars.


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