Dead or Canadian Day, is your Post Office closing and Mom wasn't kidding when she said she would call the police if you continue to fight with your brother. 

Which of these celebrities are Dead or Canadian?  Actress Shannon Tweed, Singer Chad Kroger and singer Amy Winehouse. (Scroll down for the correct answers.)


The United States Postal Service has expanded their list of locations on the chopping block in Minnesota. Tuesday it was announced that the USPS is broke, so in a cost saving measure officials looked at which locations they could shutter. Thankfully, there aren't any that are closing around here, but Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth are all losing postal locations. You can see the entire list here.


Two weeks ago, a mother from Denver, Colorado heard her children arguing. Sister punched brother, brother puts sister in a headlock, sister bites brother and Mom had had enough and called the cops. The Denver Police Department responded and broke them up. Neither wanted to press charges so no arrests were made, but we're assuming both went to bed without supper.


Cold Spring Hometown Pride Days start tomorrow (Thursday) and we invited Rita, one of the event coordinators to the show so we could get the scoop on all the events. You can click here for the full schedule and listen to our conversation with Rita below-


Your Dead or Canadian answers for today: Actress Shannon Tweed and singer Chad Kroger are both Canadian. Singer Amy Winehouse is dead. You can now enter in the Morning Mix Word That Wins TWEED into your Mix Insider Rewards Account and score 25 hundred points that you can use to reward yourself with cash, gift cards, jewelery and more. Not a Mix Insider yet? Click here to subscribe! It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s FREE!