Gourmet Guess, What's New on DVD and ATTACK OF THE GIANT BABY! 

Your Gourmet Guess Clue for today: This spice, when ingested is harmless, but when injected can cause hallucinations and death. (Scroll down for the correct answer.)


New on DVD today:

Lincoln Lawyer - Matthew McConaughey is a lawyer working out of his car and lands the biggest case of his career. William H. Macy plays a P.I., Marissa Tomei plays his wife and Ryan Phillippe is the shady client. Ileana says this one is a RENT.

Arthur - Russell Brand stars in this remake as a playboy who is the sole heir to a huge fortune. Helen Mirren plays his nanny and Jennifer Garner is the love interest. Ileana isn't a huge fan of Russell Brand, but says if you are, this one is a BUY.

Rango - This is an animated western with Johnny Depp in the title role who gets suckered in to becoming sheriff of a small town. Ileana says this one is a RENT.

Our Movie Maven Ileana's C.L. I.P. of the Week is Insidious starring Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson as parents of a boy haunted by evil entities. Ileana says that this is very much like old school horror movies and it was, "like, the best movie ever." She calls this one a BUY.


We're pretty sure this kid was born with a shirt on and God bless his mother. On Friday, Janet Johnson of Longview, Texas gave birth to a SIXTEEN POUND baby boy. Sixteen pounds. The average baby weighs in around seven and a half pounds. Right now the baby is under observation just to make sure everything is OK. He was delivered via C-section and is far short of the world record. That baby weighed in at 23 pounds 12 ounces.


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