More crazy thunderstorms last night! Plus, things that annoy your boss and how to sneak veggies into dinner.

It was a bumpy night again last night in the St. Cloud metro area as storms rumbled through. The National Weather Service is reporting that towns all along the 94 corridor are dealing with power outages and downed trees again. The storms rolled past our area at sunset, which makes the clouds and nasty stuff very hard to see. Thankfully, Mix 94.9 has a couple of ways to keep you safe. You can listen to Mix 94.9 any time of the day or night online HERE and you can also take us with you on your mobile phone with our Radio Pup app. It's available now in the App Store for your iPhone and the Android Marketplace. Here's the best part: It's FREE! If you have any storm damage or pictures you would like to send us, please email


Your boss may be frosty on the surface, but underneath, their blood could be boiling because they get so annoyed with their employees. Here are some things to check and make sure you're not "that guy" (or girl).

From Cosmo:

1. Like, Constant Use of the Word Like - This can like keep you from like getting a job and like apparently it like can get you fired, too. At like the very least, it like sounds like really dumb.

2. Texting Outside Work - Unless it's REALLY SUPER URGENT and you don't have access to email, then it might be OK, but rule of thumb is off time is off time, so it's best to just let them be if it can wait until morning. On the other hand, if they text you first, it's OK to text back.

3. Chatting Online - If you're constantly instant messaging or always on Facebook chat, your boss is going to notice. Even if your productivity is still on par, it's a good idea to refrain from that unless you're eating lunch at your desk.

4. Asking Questions That Could Be Answered With Online Research - Before you go knocking on your boss's office door, see if you can find the answer online because if you interrupt them in the middle of reviewing a proposal or preparing for a conference call and they Google your question, you're going to feel dumb if they find the answer right away.

5. Not Proofreading Emails - Typos are a big no-no. Especially these days with spell check. Even geniuses make typing errors, so make sure your double check your spelling and maybe even have a co-worker look things over just for a fresh pair of eyes before you send anything out.


Parents have been trying to get their kids to eat their vegetables since the dawn of time and now we must turn to Plan B: SNEAKING veggies into dinner and Kraft is leading the way. They have taken cauliflower and made it into a powder. They substitute that for a part of the flour used to make their pasta. Each cup of pasta has a half a serving of veggies and as long as they're drowned in cheese, they aren't going to notice, just as long as you don't tell them. You can find the veggie laden boxed dinners on store shelves now. Just look for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner Veggie Pasta.