What new movies are out this weekend? Where is the best place to have a heart attack? Who is our Secret Celebrity? 

New at the Parkwood 18 this weekend:

Larry Crowne - It's a romantic comedy with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Tom Hanks plays a guy who returns to college after losing his job. Julia Roberts is his disinterested teacher who he has a crush on.

Monte Carlo - A teeny-bopper flick starring Selena Gomez as a girl who is mistaken for a wealthy British heiress.


If you’re going to have a heart attack, I couldn’t think of a better place. On Tuesday, a doctor was giving a talk about heart disease to a crowd of 100 when a guy in the audience started to have a heart attack. The doctor and three cardiac nurses jumped into action and used a defibrillator to get his heart back beating again. They then passed him off to the paramedics who took him to the hospital where he is recovering and is expected to be fine. When the doctor was finished saving his life, he jumped back on the podium and finished his talk.


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