Grammar skills are apparently not important to becoming a beauty queen. You gonna eat that and is Facebook actually good for your social skills? 

Congratulations to Miss California Alyssa Campanella! She was crowned Miss USA last night in Las Vegas. Miss Alabama was the second runner up and she said she wants to be a school teacher. I just hope she earns her English degree before she starts telling our young'uns how to speak. During the interview portion of the competition, which has a history of tripping up the front runners (HELLO?! Miss South Carolina, anyone?!) Miss California used the word "theirselves". She was also quoted as saying "As Miss USA, I would be a great Miss USA as well." Oh. OK. I pick you, then because you said you would be great. The new Miss USA takes over for the reigning Miss USA Rima Fakih whose term was clouded in controversy after allegations of heavy partying.


We deep fry everything and sell it at fairs, because, well, people eat it. I have eaten deep fried oreos, deep fried candy bars and deep fried Twinkies. Now, a guy who calls himself "Chicken" Charlie and claims to be a deep fried food expert has invented something else to wreck our diets. Deep fried Kool-Aid. He says he makes a batter flavored with Cherry Kool-Aid and deep fries it. He is currently on the traveling fair circuit and has landed in San Diego. He says he is selling about 12 hundred deep fried kool-aid balls a day, which is double the number he usually sells. Look for it soon at a fair near you!


A lot of people feel that Facebook has ruined the way we interact with each other, but the Pew Research Center says nay. A new survey says that active Facebook users actually had better real-life social skills, had more close friends, trusted those friends more and are more politically engaged. The researchers also found that Facebook users reported higher levels of emotional support and companionship than people who aren't on the site. By the way, the number of adult Facebook users came out to 47 percent. That's up from just 26 percent three years ago.

Are you an active Facebook user? Do you agree with the survey or do you feel that we are more apt to interact with their friends on-screen versus in person?