It's the 'hole'yist holiday for baked goods lovers, who is our Secret Celebrity and has the food pyramid changed again?

It's National Donut Day!! It was started in 1938 in Chicago as a fundraiser for the Salvation Army. Their goal was to raise money to assist the needy during the Great Depression and to honor Salvation Army workers during World War I. Today, it is still a fundraiser for the Salvation Army and you can participate in National Donut Day by stopping in at the Cold Spring Bakery in Cold Spring and grabbing a FREE doughnut!


...And now for something completely different:

In Michelle Obama's quest to combat obesity in America, she has asked the government to change the food pyramid again, so instead of the confusing triangular clip art project that had all of the food groups on it showing how many servings per day you need, there's a new website called that shows a plate divided into four sections with fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains and shows you how much of every food group should cover your plate. If you're wondering where the dairy group is, there's a cup next to the plate labeled dairy.


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