What movies are opening at the Parkwood 18? How much the Google Doodle cost global business and random Father's Day facts.

New at the Parkwood 18 this week:

Green Lantern - (PG-13) Stars Ryan Reynolds as a man who gets a ring from a dying alien giving him the power to create anything he can imagine. It's based on the Green Lantern comic book series.

Mr. Popper's Penguins - (PG) Jim Carrey plays a businessman who inherits six penguins. A man from the zoo shows up to take away the penguins. Hilarity ensues.

You can check show times, view trailers and buy tickets by clicking here. Don't forget to look for our Movie Maven Ileana out at Parkwood 18 tonight. Stop by and say hello!


Last Thursday, the evil geniuses at Google thought it would be awesome to celebrate Les Paul's birthday by making their logo a "doodle" that was actually a playable guitar. It was so popular, they left it up on Friday, too.  Google figured out that people spent 26 extra seconds on their homepage screwing around with it and there were 740 million hits on the site over two days and it actually cost global business $268 million dollars in lost productivity. Can't get enough? You can still play it here!


Father's Day is SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! Here are a few random facts about the day that celebrates the man who taught you how to ride a bike, yelled at you when you stayed out past curfew, mended our hearts when stupid boys were being mean to us and of course, always slipped us an extra $10 for the movies. But, shhhhh. Don't tell mom.

1. It was first celebrated 100 years ago - It was started by a woman in Spokane, Washington who was raised by a single dad. She wanted to pay tribute to him and the idea caught on.

2. Mom doesn't get her way - According to the University of Massachusetts, moms hope that Dad is going to grill and make dinner and to be relieved of other household duties, but that doesn't happen. (Here's my question: Does it ever?)

3. It's the fourth largest greeting card day - Hallmark says 90 million cards will be exchanged today. Half are bought by children. The other half is broken up between step children, wives, grandkids, parents and siblings.