Ding dong! Osama's gone! How to lose weight in ten seconds and Mother's Day gift ideas. 

Yes, it's true! United States Special Forces have killed Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. It was announced by President Obama last night during Celebrity Apprentice. Osama was apparently hiding in a compound with 15 foot walls outside of Islamabad, Pakistan and was shot dead after a small firefight. The U.S. took immediate custody of the body and promptly dumped him into the ocean. If you would like to say thank you to our military and our veterans, click here.

Beach season is upon us, and everyone is looking for ways to lose weight fast. Dr. Travis Stork from TV's The Doctors has written a new book called The Lean Belly Prescription and he offers four ways to lose weight in ten seconds:

1. Wreck Your Appetite - Drink two glasses of water prior to your meal. It will make you feel full and can reduce the number of calories you consume by 20%.

2. Sign Up for a 5K - It helps you want to work out if you have a goal in mind other than just losing weight.

3. Eat Chile Peppers - They contain capsaicin which not only makes them spicy, it boosts your metabolism by 23%!

4. Eliminate Added Sugar - Watch the labels. If sugar is listed as an ingredient, skip it. If you can't stand artificial sweeteners, look for products with cane juice in it. Cane is part of the sugar compound, but it isn't refined. Cane isn't great, but it's better than refined white sugar.

Peter asked if there was a number five and initially I said no, but I am changing my stance and saying yes. There is a number five. Shop for a bathing suit.


Mother's Day is Sunday and we ran through a list of gifts that Mom would really love.

1. A Spa Day - Moms put up with a lot. How about a day where she can turn off her phone, relax with a massage, mani/pedi and a facial?

2. Gift Cards - Is there a place where Mom likes to shop? Give her a gift card for a store she really loves so she can treat herself to what she wants.

3. Something Homemade - Start with dinner. Have the kids make her a jewelery box and a card. Maybe a scrapbook with pictures of past family vacations and have the kids write down a favorite memory of that particular event or getaway.

One third of moms also said they would like a nice family dinner out and another third said they would like to spend time with their families.