Two went home on Celebrity Apprentice. Did Meatloaf cry? When are you too old to wear a mini skirt? A bikini? Stiletto heels? And is Chuck E. Cheese nothing more than Vegas for kids? One mom thinks so. 

After Lil' Jon and Meatloaf were fired (and yes, Meat did get choked up) on Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump tells the remaining two the task this week was to create new packaging, write, produce and create a 30 second ad for 7UP and their "retro" campaign and finally, launch a star studded event for their bottlers and distributors. Marlee Matlin took the 70's. John Rich took the 80's. We'll see how this all shakes out when the finale of Celebrity Apprentice airs next Sunday night at 8pm!


Those crazy Brits are at it again! A British company called Diet Chef asked women How Old is Too Old to Wear That? When they averaged all of the responses they compiled a list. Here are the answers:

Bikini - 47, Mini skirt - 35, tube top - 33, stilettos - 51, belly button ring - 35, knee high boots - 47, leather pants - 34, leggings - 45, long hair - 53 and ponytail - 51.

Do you agree with this list? Do you wear these items even though you're over the alleged "age limit"?


Is Chuck E. Cheese really the equivalent of Las Vegas for kids? One mom seems to think so, so she filed a lawsuit against Chuck's parent company saying they're just running an illegal gambling ring aimed at children. The suit says, "many games are illegal gambling devices that require little to no skill and are games of chance". She's upset that token based games where you spin a wheel and win based on where the wheel lands are becoming more prevalent and are nothing more than slot machines. She is seeking an undisclosed sum in damages. Our news man, Jim Maurice says if she does win her lawsuit, they should pay her off in tickets.


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