Everyone has had it happen; your kids are asking for a specific toy or gadget for Christmas and you hit the stores and can't find it. Then you hit online retailers like Amazon or Tiger.com... and no luck. We found some good tips to help you out-

1). Makes friends with your local Big Box personnel - Go to Target, Wal-Mart and others and chat up the folks working the aisles and stocking. Find out when they re-stock shelves and stop in those evenings or early the next day. many times you'll find the cases of toys, etc waiting for you in aisles as they prepare to load the shelves.

2). Check out the big box store apps- Most of them let you check if the item is in stock at your local stores or it can search out the item and tell you where it is in stock. it might be a drive but it beats paying thru the nose on eBay. Some apps may also show you what's in stock in the warehouse, this time of year  employees are super busy and they may leave re-stocking for overnights. Many times you'll be able to purchase the item right thru the app and pick it up at the store if they have it in stock!

3). Check the penny auction sites like Beezid.com or QuiBids.com. You're bidding against hundreds of others and the sites take some getting used to, but once you master them you can pick up hard to find toys and gadgets for a fraction of the retail price.


Einstein, the 'Nerd-in-Charge' at The MIX Science Labs dropped by with the  Team Trivia categories and question/answer for tonite's MIX It Up Wednesday at TGI Fridays-

The categories are:

Holiday Movies/Specials

Current Events

Science Schmience

Country And Western (audio)

Advertising Animals (visual)

The question is: In the classic Christmas movie 'A Christmas Story', what 'FRAGILE' contest prize is delivered to the father on Christmas Eve? - The Answer: A leg lamp.

See you there tonite at 6pm!


You may have heard about the older lady that got strip searched by the TSA over Thanksgiving- she sued, the TSa says the didn't do anything wrong. So The Morning MIX Carolers offered up their take on it to the tune of another screwy holiday classic-