This morning we wanted to know if you would rent toys for your little kids. Pete caught a news report on Friday about a new website called that will rent toys for a month or two. Similar to Netflix, you can purchase 'rental' plans; $24.99 a month gets you 4 toys every other month. The most expensive plan is $52.99 a month and you get 8 toys every month.

We thought this was a good idea for daycare providers, until we got a call from Renee Olson, Executive Director of Childcare Choices. Renee told us their organization lends out toys for the meager price of $5, which is a lot less than They specialize in educational type toys. They also have a Facebook page that updates you on their latest programs.

As far as parents are concerned, most of you thought it was a good idea, since kids get bored with toys quickly.


We also talked about our favorite holiday cookies and the Morning MIX Singers stepped in to remind us that with our delicious treats, come consequences...