If you woke up in a fog (like the weather outside) and decided to go back to sleep, here's what you missed on the Morning Mix:

A terrifying tale of When Animals Attack took us to South Carolina and told the story of a man who was struck by an SUV while trying to play a real-life game of Frogger. Police say the man yelled, "Go!" and tried to hop across four lanes of traffic. No charges are expected against the driver who hit him. His physical condition is listed as stable. The jury is still out on his mental state.


Brett Favre is $50,000 poorer today as the NFL slapped him with that fine for not cooperating with the investigation that alleges he sent lewd pictures and text messages to New York Jets sideline reporter Jen Sturger while he was with the team two years ago. Grampa Favre admitted to the voicemails, however and the league says the case against him is now closed. At least he's comfortable with his fine.