Silver Screen Premieres

True Grit and Little Fockers premiere at Parkwood 18 tonite. True Grit is probably the one we're most excited about. If you're going expecting a remake of the original movie with John Wayne, you'll be disappointed. The Coen Brothers have stayed true to the original novel, so expect it to be much more abrasive and, well, grittier. Jeff Bridges is Rooster Cogburn. It also stars Matt Damon and Josh Brolin.

The Biggest Gainer - Now Available In Full Size

Pete weighed in this morning at 335 pounds. Coming up on January 3, we'll weigh him again and the qualifier that picks the correct amount of weight Pete has gained or lost in that time wins the Gold's Gym membership and use of a personal trainer.

Here’s how it lays out:

+5lbs – Nancy from Sartell —  +4lbs – Julie from Rice —  +3lbs – Valerie from Sartell —  +2lbs – Jen (Not our Jen) —  +1lbs – Allie from Foley

0lbs – We’ll draw from all entrants

-1lbs – Carrie from Zimmerman —  -2lbs – Jesse from St. Cloud —  -3lbs – Delores from Foley —  -4lbs – Laura from Sartell —  -5 lbs - Luann from Watkins


10 Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

We also asked you what your favorite Christmas movie of all time was. Both mine and Pete's made the Top 10.

What's yours?