You may have noticed Jen and I were a little under the weather today. We're both fighting a different bug, with me hacking/spewing and Jen has a tummy ache! But we managed to laugh it off with some of our fun Christmas 'Carols'. You can play them again and annoy your cube-mates!

Jen had some really great ideas for money saving gifts, you can read about it here.

Every Thursday we bring you a terrifying tale of When Animals Attack! Today it was an attack of sweetness involving a reindeer, a ring and an Aussie. Here's the whole story.

BTW- You're invited to the Blue Line in Sartell for Celebrity Serving night! Jen, Ty James and myself will be taking your orders at the Blue Line from 4-8 Wednesday Dec. 15th. All of our tips will go to the Salvation Army and the Blue Line is donating 10% of the sales from that night as well.

And now for something completely different- your screwed up Christmas Carols: