An elderly couple gives their secret for a long and happy marriage, why having a gun in your pants is a bad thing and the speeds on the country’s fastest roads has dropped. Are we safer or just cheap? 

A Florida couple just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary and they marked the occasion with a party of 89 guests that included their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and their great great grandchildren. Mildred and Melvin McQuaig said their secret to a long and successful marriage was hard work, trust, and low expectations. Mildred says that when they did things, they didn’t expect anything in return and if they wanted something they worked for it. She added, “You have to learn to trust in each other and pick your battles. Not fuss and fight about every little thing. I think that’s the secret of being together; forgive and be forgiven.”

Connecticut police say that they got a call of a robbery and that the victim had been shot. When they arrived, they found 51 year old Darrel Johnson suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg. Johnson finally fessed up and said that he in fact had not been shot during a robbery, but rather that he had a gun in his waistband and when he dropped trou to go to the bathroom, the gun fell out and he accidentally shot himself in the leg. He is facing a number of charges.

You know how you find that one stretch of road where there are no twists, no turns and no cops and you just put the pedal to the metal? Well, we aren’t tearing through those stretches of road like we used to. A traffic data company called INRIX took a look at our GPS data and found out we’re actually slowing down. Last year, the highest average speed on the road was 85 miles an hour. In 2011, that number has dropped five percent and we now go an average of 81 miles an hour. Is it because we’re trying to be safer? INRIX CEO Jim Bak says no. He says that the higher the price of gas, the slower we drive because high speeds mean low gas mileage. How fast do you drive on average?