A cleaning lady makes a million dollar mistake, which way did you move your clock and would you specifically seek out a restaurant that does not allow children? 

Like most of us, this cleaning lady in Germany probably couldn't tell the difference between a million dollar work of modern art and a ghastly mess on the floor, so she took some bleach and cleaned up what she thought was a mess. Turns out it was part of an artwork display called "When it Starts Dripping From the Ceilings". It had several wooden slats over what looked like a puddle on the floor. The cleaning staff had been told to stay at least eight inches away from it, so no one is exactly sure how the mistake happened. The logical thing to do would be to have the artist recreate it, but the artist, Martin Kippenberger died in 1997.

Back when we were little, most of us figured out the "spring ahead, fall back" thing when it came to Daylight Saving Time, but some of us missed that day of class or were just too spaced out to know which way to turn the clock on Saturday night. 11% of us turned our clock the wrong way. You were supposed to set the clock BACK one hour, but one out of every ten of us turned the clock AHEAD one hour. Turns out 25% of us have been late or early due to the time switch. Has this ever happened to you?

Earlier this summer, a restaurant called McDain's in Monroeville, Pennsylvania caused a firestorm of controversy when they banned children under the age of six from coming in to their establishment. A ban was called for on the restaurant and interviews from locals and non-locals alike thought that it was unfair that they couldn't eat at certain places because they had kids with them and some put it in the same category of segregation, but it turns out the ban on kids at McDain's is perfectly legal. In an email to customers, the owner said that several people had been disturbed by kids because they can't be controlled. The local media has caught up with the owner, Mike Vuick and according to him, business is booming. He says there has been a 20% increase in business since the child ban went into effect in July. He says he has also gotten a lot of positive feedback and claims it's "20 to 1 favor of the ban" and that people have come there from all over the country to, "congratulate me on the move." If you didn't have kids, would you specifically seek out a restaurant that bans kids or would it not matter to you?