Apart from being afraid of Bumble, The Abominable Snowman from the Rudolph TV show that was on last night, we're dreading other more tangible things about the holidays- The MIX Science Labs compiled a list-

1.)  Crowds and long lines

2.)  Gaining weight

3.)  Getting into debt

4.)  Gift shopping

5.)  Traveling


"Men's Health" put out a list of the 100 U.S. cities, ranked from saddest to happiest based on suicide rates, unemployment rates, surveys on depression, and the level of antidepressant usage.

Apparently Florida is NOT a happy place.  It had five cities on the list, and all of them were in the saddest 20 . . . St. Petersburg is the saddest, Tampa is 4th, Miami is 8th, Jacksonville is 13th, and Orlando is 19th.

The home of Disney World and it’s in the top 20 saddest places in the US. Now THAT’S depressing.

The top 10 Saddest Cities in America:

St. Petersburg




Louisville, Kentucky

St. Louis

Birmingham, Alabama



Las Vegas

The Happiest Cities in America? No surprise at #1:


Manchester, New Hampshire

Fargo, North Dakota

Omaha, Nebraska


Madison, Wisconsin

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

St. Paul

Burlington, Vermont

Plano, Texas


We also discovered that it's laundry day for Peter K, because he had a choice this morning of his jammies (THANK GOD he doesn't sleep in the nude) or an ugly Christmas sweater- We want him to wear his sweater tomorrow, but in the meantime, enjoy our new favorite holiday song: 'Ugly Sweater' by Mistletoe Conspiracy: