A terrifying tale of When Animals Attack, why noises drive you nuts and the most popular video game of all time doesn't involve mind blowing 3D graphics. 

On October 5, a cargo ship ran aground off the coast of New Zealand in the Bay of Plenty spilling 350 tons of oil into the water and putting thousands of blue penguins in danger. Their feathers are small and densely packed and act as a wetsuit that keeps them warm. When the oil gets into their feathers, the penguins pull them out and it's like a hole in the wetsuit and they get really cold, so a yarn store called Skeinz put out a call for people to knit sweaters for the penguins to keep them warm. Click HERE to see some photos of the little buggers being all snuggly in their sweaters.

Which one of these following sounds do you hate the most? Nails on a chalkboard, chalk on a chalkboard, forks scraping on a plate, or squeaky Styrofoam. Chances are you hate at least one and maybe all four of those noises and a new study out of Germany explains why. Those sounds are all in the two to four thousand hertz range and our ears amplify sounds in that range and it signals our brain that we are in danger. The hair on our arms stands up, our blood pressure changes and so does the electrical conductivity of our skin. The sound I hate the most? Dental drill. What's number one on your list?

Electronics companies spend billions and billions of dollars creating sophisticated video games with mind blowing graphics, but the most popular video game of all time doesn't involve any of that. Rovio which is the company behind Angry Birds announced yesterday that the bird flinging game has now been downloaded 500 million times. This announcement makes Tetris the number two game and Super Mario comes in third. What's your favorite game?