Justin Bieber is now THE most searched personality on the internet- AND he's the only guy on the list. Now these results come from BING.com so take it with a grain of salt.  BTW he was #6 last year. Here's this year's Top 5-

#1.)  Justin Bieber

#2.)  Kim Kardashian

#3.)  Jennifer Aniston

#4.)  Lindsay Lohan

#5.)  Jennifer Lopez


IF you're looking for the gift to impress, consider 'The 12 Days of Christmas'- but you better count on throwing out the rest of your list. To purchase everything from the song, this year it's going to run you about 4% more and you'll have to take a loan out for $101,119.84. The most expensive items are the 7 Swans-a-Swimming and 9 Ladies Dancing, with both coming in around $6300 . By the way, that's  almost $700-per-lady, and should buy you the types of dances that aren't really meant for a family-friendly Christmas. For the complete breakdown- CLICK HERE


The white-coat geeks in The MIX Science Labs have released a list of everyday technology that is lying to you every day! The list includes your office thermostat, your speedometer, the scale at your doctor's office, the elevator 'Close Door' button (WE KNEW IT!) and the fuel gauge in your car. You can find the whole 'truth' here.


Herman Cain is in trouble again and slipping in popularity. ANOTHER woman has come forward with allegations. The Morning MIX Singers decided he needed a new campaign song.