Taylor Swift took top honors as 'Artist of the Year' at the American Music Awards last night. Our discussion elicited some responses on our facebook page and Pete seems to think Adele should have won. The stars were flaunting their best on the red carpet as well. Pete mentioned that some of the rappers seem to dress down for these awards shows.  You can see the full list of winners here. We also talked about how Taylor seems to be a presenter now, instead of a performer. Possibly due to her awful live awards show performances of the past? At any rate, she makes a good interview. Here's some unaired footage from her chat with Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes:


The amount of snow took us buy surprise on Saturday, Jen had predicted it wouldn't build up on the roads. Whoops! Our excuse is we only READ the forecast, we don't make it! That's our story and we're sticking to it. WCCO-TV reported that  there were 442 crashes across the state. Twenty-six had injuries, one was serious and one was fatal. Some 282 crashes involved cars that spun out or went off road... and the State Patrol said two accidents involved squad cars, one of which happened during that big pile-up and slow-down on 94 on Saturday afternoon.


Our afternoon guy Ty James stopped by with a recap of the ROCORI game from Saturday. The Spartans took Hill-Murray to task and won the close game 37-35 down at the Dome. They now move onto the State Championship game at the Dome this coming Saturday versus Bemidji. You can read the recap here.