Your Gourmet Guess, the TSA gets more invasive, and one out of ten of us sleep with this. What is it? 

Your Gourmet Guess clue for today: There was a Seinfeld episode written around this device that was originally intended to help people quit smoking. (Scroll down for the correct answer.)

The Transportation Security Administration has announced that you are going to be subject to more searches this holiday season. If you're planning on traveling with a present for Gramma Lucy, DON'T wrap it. The TSA says that they will be unwrapping and inspecting holiday gifts. The official TSA blogger wrote that Christmas presents need to be screened just like anything else and they may need to open a bag due to anomaly or alarm. Conan O'Brien joked that the TSA is unwrapping Christmas presents because they're "tired of looking at our junk." So, I guess wait to land before you wrap your gifts.

According to a new survey by do it yourself home good retailer IKEA one in ten of us still sleep with our teddy bears. Almost three out of four said they don't get enough sleep and more than half say they have a hard time falling asleep at night. Not sure if your teddy bear helps you fall asleep at night, but I know they scare away the monsters under the bed. Do you sleep with a teddy bear? If you don't, what age did you stop? I used to up until about the age of 20. I have a hard time letting go sometimes.

Your Gourmet Guess answer: PEZ Dispenser. Three billion of the little candy "bricks" are consumed annually in the U.S. alone. If you’re a Mix Insider, you can now log in to your Mix Insider Rewards Account and enter the Morning Mix Word That Wins and score yourself 25 hundred points that you can use to reward yourself with cash, jewelery, gift cards and more. Not a Mix Insider? Click here to subscribe. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s FREE!